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    Common Resources

    Azure Services MapAll Azure services with references to its docs.Anton Romanov (MSFT)
    Azure Architecture CenterLanding page for everything Azure Architecture.Docs
    Azure Application Architecture GuideStructured approach for designing applications.Docs
    Azure Architecture FrameworkGuiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workloadDocs
    Azure AssessmentCustomers can evaluate their business strategies and receive curated guidance from Microsoft Assessments.MSFT
    Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for AzureThe framework gives customers a set of tools, guidance, and narratives.MSFT
    Recommended naming and tagging conventionsWell-defined naming and metadata tagging conventions help to quickly locate and manage resources.MSFT
    Microsoft Cloud IT Architecture ResourcesLearn core cloud architecture concepts for Microsoft identity, security, networking, and hybrid.MSFT
    Azure Tech Case StudiesTechnical Case Studies using Azure ServicesMSFT
    White papers, analyst reports, and e-booksWhether you’re new to Azure, or ready to deploy business-critical workloads in the cloud, explore these white papers, analyst reports, and Microsoft e-books.MSFT
    Cloud Adoption Framework enterprise-scale landing zone architectureEnterprise-scale is an architecture approach and reference implementation that enables effective construction and operationalization of landing zones on Azure.MSFT


    Choose an Azure compute service for your applicationIncluding a flowchart that will help you to choose a compute service for your application.MSFT
    Choose the right data storeOverview on the different data store and on how to pick the best fit.MSFT
    Overview of load-balancing options in AzureDecision tree for load balancing in AzureMSFT
    Asynchronous messaging options in AzureThis article describes the different types of messages and the entities that participate in a messaging infrastructure.MSFT
    Cloud Design PatternsBuilding reliable, scalable, secure applications in the cloud.Docs


    Set Up Microsoft Visio for Azure Architecture DiagrammingIn this lesson Tim demonstrates how to set up Visio for creating Azure architecture drawings.Tim Warner
    draw.ioDesign tool to create architecture diagramsdraw_io
    CloudSkewDraw cloud architecture diagrams for free!CloudSkew
    Cloud MakerCloud Maker helps you rapidly draw beautiful, standardised cloud architecture diagrams.Cloud Maker

    Dashboards / Visualization

    AzViz – RepoPowerShell Module that can generate a topology diagram to Visualize Azure Network Topology and ARM templates (WIP).Prateek Singh
    Continuous Cloud Optimization Power BI DashboardThe Continuous Cloud Optimization Power BI Dashboard (referred as CCO Dashboard here after) is a Power BI Dashboard developed using Power Query M language that pulls information directly from different Azure and Graph REST APIs.MSFT

    Enterprise Architecture

    Microsoft Cloud Identity for Enterprise ArchitectsWhat IT architects need to know about designing identity for organizations using Microsoft cloud services and platforms.MSFT
    Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise ArchitectsWhat IT architects need to know about security in Microsoft cloud services and platforms.MSFT
    Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise ArchitectsWhat IT architects need to know about networking for Microsoft cloud services and platforms.MSFT
    Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise ArchitectsWhat IT architects need to know about hybrid cloud for Microsoft services and platforms.MSFT
    Common Attacks and Microsoft Capabilities that protect your OrganizationLearn about the most common cyber attacks and how Microsoft can help your organization at every stage of an attack.MSFT
    Microsoft 365 Enterprise Foundation InfrastructureGet an at-a-glance view of the foundation infrastructure for Microsoft 365 Enterprise to begin your deployment.MSFT
    Architecture approaches for Microsoft Cloud Tenant-to-Tenant MigrationsThis series of topics illustrates several architecture approaches for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other scenarios that might lead you to migrate to a new cloud tenant.MSFT
    Deploy a Modern and Secure Desktop with MicrosoftWhat IT architects need to know about deploying and managing updates for Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10.MSFT


    Azure for AWS ProfessionalsAzure for AWS people.Docs
    AWS to Azure services comparisonAWS to Azure services comparisonDocs
    Google Cloud for Azure professionalsGoogle Cloud for Azure professionalsGoogle Docs


    Architectures – Reference ArchitecturesRecommended architectures for Azure.MSFT
    Architectures – Example WorkloadsWorkload examples covering the implementation of specific business or technical challenges using AzureMSFT
    Architectures – Azure Solution IdeasSolution ideas with architecture proposal.MSFT
    Managing Azure Blueprints as CodeA library of sample Blueprints that can be easily imported via API or PowerShellMSFT
    Code SamplesThis doc provides seamless samples to developer tools and technologies offering from Microsoft.MSFT
    Azure Quickstart TemplatesWith this resource, you would get access to community contributed templates that empowers you to get more done in no time.MSFT
    Azure Template ExplorerExplore published Azure Resource Manager QuickStart templates for services of your interest.MSFT

    Articles & Guides

    Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than Running Your Own Data Center?Great guide about TCO calculation for Cloud in general.Marco Meinardi (Gartner)
    Your Cloud Journeys is Unique, but Not Unknown“Network Operations and Security Professionals’ Guide to Managing Public Cloud Journeys” pt.1Rich Mogull
    Defining the Journey—the Four Cloud Adoption Patterns“Network Operations and Security Professionals’ Guide to Managing Public Cloud Journeys” pt.2Rich Mogull
    Mastering the Journey—Building Network Manageability and Security for your Path“Network Operations and Security Professionals’ Guide to Managing Public Cloud Journeys” pt.3Rich Mogull
    Introduction – Moving to Cloud, but with a real Strategy — part 1Typical errors from customers moving to the Cloud.David das Neves
    Introduction – Moving to Cloud, but with a real Strategy — part 2This article provides a crash-course on what a good strategy and vision should contain.David das Neves
    Overarching IT Architecture & RoadmapIT Infrastructure Architecture from a CIO point of view for an Enterprise company and demonstrate the necessity for an Overarching IT Architecture, including a Roadmap.David das Neves
    Hub and Spoke network topology in AzureGreat article about all the dependencies of a Hub&Spoke modelLucian Frango
    Get automatic notification before you hit your Azure Express Route BGP Advertised Routes limitImportant guidance when having a Hub & Spoke modelMohamed Ghaleb
    Getting More Value from Objectives and Key ResultsA good overview into OKRs and KPI for a company.By Darren Johnson and Joost Spits


    The Architect Elevator: Connecting Penthouse and EngineWhat is actually the work of an IT Architect and what are the challenges?Gregor Hohpe


    37 Things One Architect Knows About IT TransformationA Chief Architect’s JourneyGregor Hohpe
    Cloud StrategyAn Architect Elevator Guide to Successful Cloud MigrationGregor Hohpe