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How GoDaddy Implemented a Multi-Region Event-Driven Platform at Scale

GoDaddy, a leading global provider of domain registration and web hosting services, has served over 84 million domains and 22 million customers since its establishment in 1997. Among its various internal systems, the Customer Signal Platform provides tooling to capture, analyze, and act on customer and product data to drive better business outcomes. With this […]

Join us for Silicon Innovation Day Wednesday June 21 9:00am - 4:00pm PDT

Discover How AWS Designed Silicon Fuels Customer Outcomes at AWS Silicon Innovation Day

We hope you will join us on Wednesday, June 21, for a free-to-attend online event, AWS Silicon Innovation Day. AWS will stream the event simultaneously across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn Live, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. AWS Silicon Innovation Day is a one-day virtual event on June 21, 2023, that will allow you to better understand […]

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New – Amazon S3 Dual-Layer Server-Side Encryption with Keys Stored in AWS Key Management Service (DSSE-KMS)

Today, we are launching Amazon S3 dual-layer server-side encryption with keys stored in AWS Key Management Service (DSSE-KMS), a new encryption option in Amazon S3 that applies two layers of encryption to objects when they are uploaded to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. DSSE-KMS is designed to meet National Security Agency CNSSP […]

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Simplify How You Manage Authorization in Your Applications with Amazon Verified Permissions – Now Generally Available

When developing a new application or integrating an existing one into a new environment, user authentication and authorization require significant effort to be correctly implemented. In the past, you would have built your own authentication system, but today you can use an external identity provider like Amazon Cognito. Yet, authorization logic is typically implemented in […]

AWS Week in Review – Automate DLQ Redrive for SQS, Lambda Supports Ruby 3.2, and More – June 12, 2023

Today I’m boarding a plane for Madrid. I will attend the AWS Summit Madrid this Thursday, and I will take Serverlesspresso with me. Serverlesspresso is a demo that we take to events, in where you can learn how to build event-driven architectures with serverless. If you are visiting an AWS Summit, most probably you will […]

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