7.13 Cross-Region Replication (CRR) for AWS S3 Buckets

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Introduction to Cross-Region Replication (CRR)

Cross-Region Replication (CRR) in AWS S3 enables automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across buckets in different AWS Regions. This feature is essential for data redundancy, minimizing latency, regulatory compliance, and efficient data backup.

Setting Up CRR

Using AWS Management Console

  1. Log into AWS Management Console: Access your AWS account.
  2. Select S3 Service: Navigate to the S3 dashboard.
  3. Choose Source Bucket: Select the bucket you want to enable CRR for.
  4. Access Management Tab: Click on the ‘Management’ tab within the bucket settings.
  5. Create Replication Rule: Click on ‘Replication’ and then ‘Add rule.’
  6. Configure Source and Destination:
    • Select the source bucket and objects.
    • Choose the destination bucket in a different region.
  7. Set IAM Role: Assign an IAM role that grants S3 permissions to replicate objects.
  8. Review and Save Rule: Finalize your settings and save the replication rule.


  1. Install and Configure AWS CLI: Ensure AWS CLI is installed and configured with the necessary permissions.
  2. Create a Replication Configuration:
    • Write a JSON file that specifies the source and destination buckets and the replication criteria.
  3. Apply Configuration:
aws s3api put-bucket-replication --bucket SOURCE-BUCKET-NAME --replication-configuration file://replication.json

Replace SOURCE-BUCKET-NAME with your source bucket name and replication.json with your configuration file.

Integration with AWS Services

  • AWS CloudTrail: Monitor and log the replication activity.
  • AWS CloudWatch: Set up alarms and notifications for replication events.
  • AWS IAM: Manage permissions for replication actions.

Best Practices

  • Versioning: Ensure versioning is enabled on both source and destination buckets.
  • Region Selection: Choose destination regions based on your latency, compliance, and availability needs.
  • Monitor Replication: Regularly check the replication status and troubleshoot any issues.


CRR is a powerful feature in AWS S3, offering enhanced data protection and availability across multiple regions. Through AWS Management Console and AWS CLI, setting up and managing CRR is straightforward and flexible, fitting various organizational needs.

For detailed documentation and updates, refer to the AWS S3 CRR documentation and AWS CLI Command Reference.

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